CareSouth Carolina hours of operation are posted at each medical center. Phone numbers are located on the locations webpage. If you experience an emergency health situation after hours, please call your local CareSouth Carolina medical office to connect with CareSouth Carolina’s answering service. The CareSouth Carolina medical provider on call will be notified of your situation.

If your medical condition requires immediate care, please go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.

New Patients

Below are information forms that need to be completed by every patient.   Printing, filling out and bringing them with you will save you time and make your visit more convenient.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to ensure your medical record includes all the information needed.

When you Visit

  • Tell us about any changes in your phone number or address
  • Show us your insurance card if you have one
  • Bring all medicines you are currently taking
  • Let us know about any special accommodations: wheel chair, language translation, limited sight and hearing, etc.

Lastly, please take the time to read and understand the patient rights and responsibilities included here. If you have questions, please speak up and let us know.

Schedule an Appointment Online

Payment Information

Did you know that you can easily pay online? Click here to visit our Online Payment Portal.

Welcome to CareSouth Carolina

The staff at CareSouth Carolina is delighted that you have chosen us to be your health care home. Thank you. We think you will be pleased. You will discover that we are dedicated to providing you with the very best in patient-centered health care.

On Your Team

At CareSouth Carolina, we work in teams. You are not only a member, but at the center of that team. The CareSouth Carolina members consist of a doctor or nurse practitioner, nurse, patient advocate, laboratory technician, front office, medical records, and behavioral health counselors, as needed. This way, you will get to know your health care team, they know you, and, together, we work together to improve your health.

All About You

As your health care home, we want to make sure you are the healthiest person you can be. To do so, it is important for to take an active part in your health care. We ask that you Speak Up and ask questions about your health. If you do not understand, ask again. Also, to the best of your knowledge, provide full information about yourself. We provide care management tools that will help us work together on setting and achieving goals related to your health.

We will walk you through a “Who’s Your Doctor” process by which you are provided the information needed for you to make your own choice of the clinician team you want to join.

CareSouth Carolina is a system of care in partnership with hospitals, service organizations, specialists and others across the region to ensure a seamless continuity of care for patients that call us their medical home. So, you have access to services outside of CareSouth Carolina, including specialty and second opinions as requested by you.

Advanced Access

CareSouth Carolina has implemented Advanced Access, a short term scheduling process that provides more access to appointment times for you — usually within 1 to 2 working days. Our goal is to deliver health care when you want it, where you want it and by whom you want it. With advanced access, we manage our appointment schedules on a weekly basis. This way, we free up appointments that are never used, and you are able to book an appointment that is convenient for you, see the care team you want to see and have your health issues addressed earlier. Please speak with any of our team members if you have any questions.

Sliding Fee Program

You may be eligible to participate in our Sliding Fee program. If so, you can pay for services based on the size of your family and your family income. If you believe you may be eligible, you will need to complete a sliding fee application and will be required to present a picture ID and proof of household income. Staff will be able to assist you at any of our locations and will help make sure that you have the right documents.