CareSouth Carolina, through Care Innovations, provides comprehensive HIV/AIDS primary health care for individuals in Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Lee and Marlboro Counties. These services are made possible through a federal Ryan White Part C grant. Patients can have a “one-stop” shop experience at CareSouth Carolina. The level of services are exemplary, compassionate and catered to the individual and his or her needs.


  • Medical — Quality HIV/AIDS primary health care begins with ready access in the local community. Not only that, CareSouth Carolina physicians and clinicians well-versed in the proper protocols deliver that care compassionately and confidentially in medical offices that provide services to more than just HIV/AIDS clients.
  • Pre- and Post-test Counseling – We offer voluntary testing and counseling and maintain confidential records. We use an interactive model that focuses on a personalized HIV risk-reduction plan.
  • Medications — Access to proper medications are essential to HIV/AIDS clients. We not only provide for the proper regiment but also access to those without the financial ability to obtain needed medications.
  • Care Management — At its core, our HIV/AIDS care is founded on a chronic care management model. An AIDS Certified Registered Nurse provides care management for clients, ensuring they have a treatment plan and receive seamless services and the skills and opportunities that are required to manage their condition.
  • Behavioral Health — One-on-one and group mental health counseling services are provided by counselors who understand the needs of HIV/AIDS clients. Counselors assist with everything from substance abuse to depression, and they provide the opportunity for clients to experience positive lifestyle changes. Like the medical care, these services are provided in an integrated primary care setting that alleviates the stigma associated with behavioral health services.
  • Dental — Dental services, a crucial component of HIV/AIDS care, is provided through access and payment for limited services.
  • Transportation — We understand that the lack of transportation is sometimes a barrier to needed care, so we provide limited transportation services for clients.
  • Outreach — We also understand that persons who are struggling with HIV/AIDS do not live in the medical office – they are out in our communities living day to day lives. We provide staff and resources to educate, assess and facilitate the use of services for those out in the community.
  • Support Groups — Programs for men, women, and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS are crucial for clients and their families. The programs focus on psycho-social issues impacted by the disease. We also offer educational support groups.
  • Referrals — We make certain that needed services are received by clients who need them through a referral network that includes everything from specialist care to hospitalization.


Care Innovations
Hartsville Main
1268 South 4th Street
Hartsville, SC 29550

Fax: 843.339.5536


Medical Services are provided at these CareSouth Carolina health centers:

  • Bennettsville
  • Bishopville
  • Cheraw
  • Chesterfield
  • Dillon
  • Hartsville
  • Society Hill


It is important for patients to be involved in their overall healthcare which produces better outcomes. Patients are involved in all decisions made about their health and well-being.



Support Groups: Monthly support groups with topics ranging from accessing Medicaid, housing, medication adherence, etc.

(CAB) Community Advisory Board: The (CAB) Community Advisory Board is held every other month. This active group consists of anyone that has an interest in HIV/AIDS within the local communities and promotes awareness and improvement of resources.

(COI) Clinical Quality Improvement: The (CQI) Clinical Quality Improvement Committee meets quarterly to discuss ways to improve the overall program for individuals with HIV/AIDS. Current clinical measures are also reviewed for monitoring.

Community Outreach: National Observance events are highlighted within the communities to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and how we are impacted. In addition, fundraising events are held with all proceeds benefiting our patients. Advocacy is also promoted through outreach efforts.

Focus Forums: We want to hear what our patients are saying. The focus forums offered twice a year are one venue for us to hear from patients. Patients share with us what’s working and what we need to do to improve services.

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