• Ann Lewis, Chief Executive Officer
  • Joy Gandy, Chief of Special Projects
  • Dr. Stephen Smith, Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Jeniqua J. Duncan, Chief of Value Based Care
  • Jeri Andrews, Associate Medical Director
  • Tim Walters, Chief Financial Officer
  • Gary Herrington, Chief Information Officer
  • Denise Ellis, Chief Personnel Officer
  • Joe Bittle, Chief of Community Health
  • John Douglas, Chief of Business Development
  • Peggy Foster, Chief Operations Officer
  • Christian Barnes-Young, Chief Programmatic Fidelity Officer
  • Chaneka Pigatt, Deputy Operations Officer
  • Randy Carlyle, Chief Quality Officer
  • Tracie Thigpen, Chief of Nursing
  • Ashley Singleton, Chief of Pharmacy
  • Sheila Welch, Director — Vantage Point, Pee Dee Area on Aging and Disability Resource Center
  • Hope McQueen, Director — Care Innovations


  • Mr. Jay Hodge, Chairperson
  • Mr. Ennis Bryant, Vice-Chairperson
  • Mrs. Bonnie J. Seals, Secretary
  • Mrs. Ernestine Powe, Assistant Secretary
  • Dr. Flossie Bartell, Treasurer
  • Ms. Deloris LeGrant
  • Mr. Trudy Drawhorn
  • Ms. Mary Garvin
  • Mrs. Dorothy S. Joyner
  • Teresa Gainey
  • Quinetta Buterbaugh
  • Representative Patricia Henegan

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