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Awards and Recognition

CareSouth Carolina has been honored with several awards and recognitions for its service to the community.

  • 2023 CareSouth Carolina’s Tracy Hunter named the recipient of the SCPHCA’s ‘You Make the Difference

    Tracy Hunter, a Patient Experience Technical Advisor at CareSouth Carolina, was recently awarded the You Make the Difference Award by the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association (SCPHCA). 

    Santrice Hailey, the Director of Administrative Services at CareSouth Carolina, nominated Tracy for the award.

    Tracy has been an employee of CareSouth Carolina for 14 and a half years, starting as a Medical Office Assistant and advancing to her current role. She is highly valued by her colleagues and is known as the "right hand" to Medical Office Assistants (MOAs) as she answers calls, emails, and trains MOAs while being attentive to their needs.

    Tracy also conducts "mini audits" to identify areas where CSC teams need improvement and she works closely with them until they have mastered the required skills. During the pandemic, she served as the front-office staff for all major off-site COVID-19 testing, screening over 300 patients.

    Tracy's contributions to CareSouth Carolina have been significant, and her dedication to serving others is evident in her work. She has played an essential role in ensuring that the MOA staff passed their audit in every category, a feat never achieved before.

    In her response to the award, Tracy thanked her colleagues, including Santrice Hailey, for their mentorship and coaching since she joined CareSouth Carolina in 2008. Tracy is proud of her work and is passionate about serving others. 

    “First of all, I want to thank God,” Hunter said. “I want to thank CareSouth Carolina, my Operations Department, front office, and all of my CareSouth Carolina family.”

    She lives by two mottos, "while I live, I will graciously serve," and “the strength of the team is each individual member.” She said she is honored to work for an organization that allows her to play a vital role in helping and serving her community.

    Denise Ellis, the Chief Personnel Officer at CareSouth Carolina, remembers hiring Tracy in 2008 and says, "even during her interview, I could tell that she cared deeply for the community and embodied the mission of CareSouth Carolina.” 

    “She has proven herself over and over again,” Ellis said. “As a Patient Experience Technical Advisor, she is in a position to let her light of compassion shine for all to see.  And she does!”

    Tracy's work has helped many patients in the Hartsville, Chesterfield, and Cheraw communities. Her contribution to CareSouth Carolina and the community is appreciated, and she is a deserving recipient of the You Make the Difference Award.

  • 2023 CareSouth Carolina’s Daniela Martinez presented SCPHCA’s Personal and Professional Achievement Award

    Daniela Martinez, CareSouth Carolina’s ROADS Administrative Coordinator, was recently honored by the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association as the Personal and Professional Achievement recipient at the SEA Retreat held in Charleston, SC. This recognition is a testament to Daniela's exceptional work and her dedication to serving the community.

    Daniela joined CareSouth Carolina in 2017 as an MOA (Medical Office Assistant) at one of the organization’s busiest offices. She then moved to the ROADS mobile program in 2019 as an administrative assistant, where she continued to excel. Her leadership skills were recognized, and she was promoted to Administrative Coordinator in 2021. Daniela leads the administrative team of the ROADS program and is the first point of contact for all 58 schools that the program serves.

    Daniela’s outstanding work at CareSouth Carolina, particularly her involvement with the ROADS program, has positively impacted the community. The ROADS mobile initiative offers comprehensive, remote medical care to the communities it serves and features three fully-equipped medical exam units staffed with a nurse practitioner, LPN, and medical assistant.

    As a bilingual individual originally from Zacatecas, Mexico, Daniela connects with Spanish-speaking families on a personal level and goes the extra mile to reach out to those families. She has long dreamed of becoming a United States citizen, and in 2022, she started the process of becoming one while still excelling in her position at CareSouth Carolina. On February 8, 2023, Daniela officially became a United States citizen and was recognized at the Naturalization Ceremony in Charleston, SC.

    “Daniela is an example of how hard work and perseverance in the health center world can also lead to personal achievements,” CareSouth Carolina Associate Medical Director Jeri Andrews said in her nomination.

    Daniela believes that her work at CareSouth Carolina has allowed her to connect with the community and make a significant impact.

    Outside of work, Daniela enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, stepdaughter, mom, and brother. She has accomplished a great deal both personally and professionally and continues to be an integral part of the CareSouth Carolina team.

  • 2023 CareSouth Carolina's Pat Graham named recipient for the SCPHCA’s ‘Award of Excellence'

    Pat Graham, the site administrator at CareSouth Carolina’s McColl Health & Wellness Center, has been awarded the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association's Award of Excellence. The award was presented to Graham at the SEA Retreat in Charleston, SC.

    Graham, who has worked at CareSouth Carolina for 20 years, expressed her surprise and humility at being given the award. 

    "I was completely shocked,” she said. “I was cooking lunch that Sunday and my staff called me. It was totally unexpected. What an honor to be given an award like that for excellence for the whole state. I’m very humbled by that. It was totally unexpected.”

    Graham's career at CareSouth Carolina began as a PRN-Floater in the Society Hill office. She worked in several positions, including Medical Records, Care Manager, and then became a Patient Advocate at CareSouth Carolina’s McColl office. She stepped into the role of site administrator at McColl seven years ago, and Graham said she relishes the opportunity to help patients every day and create a positive work environment for her staff.

    Her colleagues praised her leadership and dedication to her work. 

    "This award comes as no surprise. I have worked with Pat at CSC for the past 20 years, and she has always exhibited excellence in her work. It has been a privilege to watch her become the leader she is," said Chaneka Pigatt, Deputy Operations Office. “Pat is the embodiment of excellence in her service to our McColl office staff, our McColl patients, our McColl community in which she works and lives, her coworkers, and family.  I am so very proud to have Pat as part of my Site Administrator Team.”

    "If there ever is an award for 'Excellence,' Pat Graham deserves it as a genuine person caring for patients and staff alike above and beyond on a daily basis," added Peggy Foster, Chief Operations Officer. "She is a prime example of one coming to work at an FQHC, growing and learning along the way with new opportunities – then being trusted in a leadership position to inspire others to 'catch the vision' and 'serve in the mission.'"

    Outside of work, Graham enjoys spending time with her family and going to church. Her dedication to her work and her community has earned her the recognition of her peers and the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association.

  • 2022 Telehealth Program of Excellence Award at the 10th Annual Telehealth Summit

    CareSouth Carolina was presented the Telehealth Program of Excellence Award at the 10th Annual Telehealth Summit in Charleston on November 9-10. CareSouth Carolina Associate Medical Director Jeri Andrews and Reaching Out and Delivering Services (ROADS) Telehealth Provider Staci Cassidy were on hand to receive the award, which was presented by S.C. Lt. Governor Pamela Evette.

    CareSouth Carolina was nominated for the award for its expansion of school based telehealth services. Also, during the summit there was a viewing of the “House-calls: Healthcare in the Digital Age Documentary” that was produced by SC ETV. The documentary takes a deep dive into the telehealth world and how we are using technology to visit patients virtually.

    CareSouth Carolina started telehealth before COVID by partnering with our local schools to give students and families access to quality, convenient healthcare access. Since COVID, Telehealth has played a vital role at CareSouth Carolina by offering treatment for our patients no matter where they are located.



  • 2022 CareSouth Carolina’s Jeri Andrews, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, was presented the Award for Nursing Leadership

    Andrews, who serves as CareSouth Carolina’s Associate Medical Director, has been with CareSouth Carolina for more than a decade and was instrumental in the implementation of the organization’s ROADS (Reach Out And Delivering Services) units, which are a fleet of mobile units that are used to provide services— including school-based care and Telehealth services— in the community.

    Andrews said she was surprised when she heard the news that she was going to be receiving the award at the annual Amy V. Cockcroft Graduation Ceremony and Summit on Friday, March 25.

    “I was completely surprised,” Andrews said. “I thought I was just going for the summit and graduation and I had actually nominated another colleague for the award not knowing that I had been nominated. I am humbled and very blessed to receive such an honor. I want to thank those leaders in the organization who have invested in me, mentored me, and most importantly believed in me. I must also thank my family who has supported me through this journey. I truly love what I do, where I do it, and the people I do it with and for. I wish for many more years at CareSouth Carolina where I can continue to live our mission of enhancing and improving the health and well-being of everyone!”

    The Center for Nursing Leadership's Annual Leadership Summit is held annually and features state and national speakers discussing current and emerging issues in leadership, nursing, and healthcare. The Summit is a full-day conference and includes a graduation and awards ceremony and leadership presentations by the graduating class of the Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship. The Annual Summit is a full-day conference for all nurses: CNOs, Nurse Managers, Deans and Directors, Staff Nurses, Health Educators, Students, and Aspiring Leaders. The Summit includes networking time with colleagues.

    After working as Mobile Health and Off-Site Services Program Director for CareSouth Carolina, Andrews was named the Associate Medical Director for the organization in 2021. She is the first Nurse Practitioner to hold the role in the organization.

    The nomination for Andrews detailed her involvement at CareSouth Carolina and how she has been a leader for change with the organization since the very beginning:

    I came to CareSouth Carolina (CSC) as a staff NP in 2010. In 2015, Jeri was transferred to a new position as a Nurse Practitioner to provide well-child visits on a new mobile unit (ROADS) that we purchased,” the nomination read. “We started with a partial school district. In 2018, CSC had expanded ROADS into all five of our service counties. We had to hire 2 additional Nurse Practitioners and purchase 2 additional mobile units We had, also, hired another NP to run a public employee health center. One of the Nurse Practitioners who was hired for ROADS began going to local DAODAS agencies and delivering MAT services. We, also, began delivering MAT services in a local DAODAS agency. Jeri was named as Director of ROADS and Offsite services. The expansion of our mobile and offsite services were a direct result of Jeri's leadership and relationships she developed with our local schools and government agencies. In March of 2020 when COVID hit, Jeri took the lead in transitioning all of our providers to telehealth. Jeri had become familiar with Telehealth as she had, also, implemented this service in some of our school districts. In December of 2020, CSC rolled out a new EHR. Jeri was designated as a "super user". She was instrumental in assisting our staff and providers how to use this new system. In 2021 Jeri was promoted to Associate Medical Director! She is the first NP in our organization to hold this title! It is an honor to have watched Jeri's professional growth throughout the years! She is a true inspiration to those that work with her. We know she will be "the face" for The Amy Croft Leadership award!”

    In 2021, Andrews was named the recipient of the ‘Emerging Leader of the Year Award’ by the South Carolina Primary Healthcare Association (SCPHCA) for 2021. She also recently graduated from the 2021-22 Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellow program as the lone representative from a federally-qualified health center (FQHC) in the state and one of just 15 selections overall

  • 2022 Jaquetta Graham named Community Health Worker of the Year

    CareSouth Carolina Family Support Service (FSS) Program Coordinator Jaquetta Graham has been named the Community Health Worker of the Year by the South Carolina Community Health Worker Association.

    “This award is given to the Community Health Worker (CHW) for their outstanding service and excellence in the CHW profession and the work they do within the community and within their organizations,” said CareSouth Carolina Community Services Director Marek Calhoun. 

    Graham, who began her career with CareSouth Carolina six years ago as a Patient Advocate before becoming a Community Outreach Specialist, a CHW, then Technical Advisor and eventually moving into her current position, said she is extremely passionate about helping the people in her community.

    “I have a strong passion for people to be successful,” Graham said. “especially being out in the community and helping people to be their healthiest. I have worked closely with George General (CSC Bishopville Site Administrator) and Dr. (Jeniqua) Duncan as well as other providers at CareSouth Carolina to come up with ways we can close those gaps that exist.”

    Two areas of healthcare Graham is particularly focused on improving are diabetes and mammograms.

    “We see a lot of people that are pre-diabetic and we want to educate them about their A1C, make sure they’re getting their annual screenings and managing their diabetes,” Graham said. “Also, I have been able to help with mammograms. I actually have a close friend who I encouraged to get a screening and they found cancer.”

    Graham will be presented with the award at the December 14th ceremony in Columbia hosted by the South Carolina Community Health Worker Association (SCCHWA), which is made up of CHWs and supporters who are building a healthier South Carolina through the promotion of education, networking and advocacy for the community health worker profession.

  • 2021 Community Health Center of the Year

    CareSouth Carolina was named the recipient of the 2021 Community Health Center of the Year Award by the South Carolina Primary Healthcare Association (SCPHCA).

    The nomination for CareSouth Carolina read:

    “I am nominating CareSouth Carolina for the Health Center of the Year Award for the following reasons: Ann Lewis is always on the cutting edge of innovative ideas and seems to be the first in SC to implement a new initiative or program.  Not only is she innovative, but she is also always willing to share with other health centers so they may grow. CareSouth is the epitome of a flagship organization and a pioneer in innovation and transformation.”

  • 2021 HRSA Recognition Badges

    CareSouth Carolina was awarded four badges of recognition by  Health Resources and Services Administration for 2021:

    • Health Center Quality Leader 2021

    • Advancing HIT For Quality 2021

    • COVID-19 Testing 2021

    • Patient Centered Medical Home


  • 2021 CareSouth Carolina's Jeri Andrews Named Emerging Leader of the Year

    CareSouth Carolina’s Jeri Andrews, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, was named the recipient of the ‘Emerging Leader of the Year Award’ by the South Carolina Primary Healthcare Association (SCPHCA) for 2021.

    The Emerging Leader Award is designed to highlight and share the accomplishments of exceptional individual of the health center and PCA. We are looking for an individual who has exhibited leadership in undertaking or guiding a specific task (or multiple tasks) that has helped the health center or PCA further the mission of providing high-quality, culturally competent health services to underserved populations in your service area.

  • 2021 CareSouth Carolina Wins ‘Community Health Worker Group of the Year'

    CareSouth Carolina’s community outreach team was named the ‘Community Health Worker Group of the Year’ by the South Carolina Community Health Worker Association.

    CareSouth Carolina community health workers (CHWs) provide health education, assist in case management, address social needs and provide many more needed services in five counties throughout the Pee Dee region.

    The team provides one-on-one case management and assistance in addressing social needs of everything from signing up for an insurance plan like Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act to assisting with connecting patients to needed services and resources. They also provide health education related to disease prevention, screenings, and healthy behaviors. Examples of health education topics include:

    • Chronic disease prevention
    • Nutrition
    • Physical activity
    • Smoking cessation
    • Transportation Services
    • Translation/Interpretation services
  • 2021 CareSouth Carolina's Marek Calhoun given 'Award For Excellence' by SCPHCA

    CareSouth Carolina’s Marek Calhoun was presented with the ‘Award For Excellence’ by the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association (SCPHCA).

    Calhoun oversees CareSouth’s Community Health Services and Family Support Services departments. They work to provide health screenings, health education, social services navigation, hospital case management, address social determinates of health and help to provide access to a medical home to those in the Pee Dee community.

    His nomination for the award read:

    “Marek has an army of CHW’s and he has led the charge in outreach for the COVID-19 vaccines using the Mobys in our communities and increasing numbers for patients by doing health screenings. He doesn’t mind leading or following, he just wants to make a great impact for his community.”

  • 2021 CSC Wellness Program Awarded Platinum Status

    The CareSouth Carolina Employee Health & Wellness Department achieved ‘Platinum Status’ in several key categories, recognizing the work the department has done in improving the overall health and wellbeing of its staff members through initiatives, assessments and evaluations.

    CareSouth Carolina achieved Platinum status in six categories, recognized by the SC Hospital Association and Working Well.

    • Risk Assessment and Outreach
    • Tobacco-Free
    • Emotional and Mental Well Being
    • Financial Well Being
    • Engagement Strategies
    • Evaluation
  • 2021 DHEC Announces CareSouth Carolina as Newest ‘Community Hero’ for Mobilizing COVID-19 Vaccines

    The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has named CareSouth Carolina as the latest recipient of the agency’s Community Hero award for going above and beyond to bring lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines to rural communities.

    CareSouth Carolina, a health center with several locations throughout the Pee Dee region, has been a key partner with DHEC for holding COVID-19 testing locations since the onset of the pandemic. CareSouth Carolina was recently nominated as a Community Hero for its continued support of the state’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan, especially for its Moby Outreach Program. Medical staff use five “Moby” vans to drive to rural and underserved areas of the region to administer the single-dose Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine as part of ongoing efforts to ensure all residents have access to the COVID-19 vaccine. 

    “CareSouth is a valued partner and has been a major player in our unified response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jim Bruckner, DHEC’s Pee Dee Region Public Health Director. “It’s a team effort to vaccinate as many South Carolinians as possible, and we’re fortunate to continue to have the trusted support of CareSouth as we work to beat COVID-19 once and for all.” 

    “It is a real honor to receive this accolade,” said Ann Lewis, CEO of CareSouth Carolina. “We believe that collaboration with good people like these folks from DHEC, who work to meet the needs of our communities, is what will make a difference in this battle against COVID-19. We are all in this together! Our thanks to DHEC for being such an amazing partner.”

  • 2020 CareSouth Carolina's Tammie Robinson Named Pharmacist of the Year

    CareSouth Carolina’s Tammie Robinson was named the Medication Therapy Management of the Year Award recipient at the 19th Annual SC Chronic Disease Prevention Symposium.

    Serving as the Clinical Pharmacist in CareSouth Carolina’s CSC Community Pharmacy in Hartsville, Robinson works with a diverse group of patients ranging in age, ethnicity and economic class.

    Robinson, who has worked at CareSouth Carolina for more than eight years, was named the award recipient for her effort to go above and beyond to come away with innovative solutions to improve the management of medications and chronic diseases. Robinson works collaboratively with providers and health care workers to ensure the best possible care is provided.

    Through the MTM program, she is able to take an in-depth look at patients’ prescriptions and help educate them on the importance of their medication.

    The purpose of the Annual Chronic Disease Prevention Symposium is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and partnership in efforts to reduce the burden of chronic disease in South Carolina. This annual event brings together health professionals and community stakeholders not only to educate and inspire each other, but to also embrace unique and innovative approaches to chronic disease prevention and health disparity reduction.

  • 2020 CareSouth Carolina’s Kelli Cross named ‘Champion of Practice Transformation’

    CareSouth Carolina’s Kelli Cross was named the Champion of Practice Transformation at the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association’s 26th annual Clinical Network Retreat, which was held virtually.

    Cross, who has been with CareSouth Carolina for more than three years, took over the newly-created position of Population Health Manager last year and has since worked to provide healthier outcomes to patients throughout the Pee Dee region.

    “I was shocked,” Cross said when learning she had been nominated for the award. “I want to give credit to my team. We have a diverse background as we have all come from different professions and that helps us come together with well-rounded ideas and plans.”

    During her time in the role, Cross has partnered with CareSouth Carolina’s mobile care team to set up summer appointments for adolescent wellness visits, pap smears and chlamydia screenings. She has worked with the marketing team to create informational and instructional post cards for patients that would be personalized for their medical conditions and she has partnered with the office teams to do PDSAs around diabetic retinal eye exams. During CareSouth Carolina’s community events, Cross executed creative plans to encourage high-risk patients to attend and get back into care.

    In addition, Cross has made open-line connections with insurance organizations- including Medicaid- to ensure CareSouth Carolina is providing the best quality healthcare possible to its patients and the community.

    “The best summary of the reasons why I believe that Kelli Cross should be honored as the Champion of Practice Transformation can be found in my five favorite words to hear from ‘I’ve got a crazy idea,’” said CareSouth Carolina Associate Medical Director Dr. Jeniqua Duncan. “For someone to truly champion transformation, they have to be comfortable working beyond limits that are placed on them and collaborative enough for those to see them as an ally who will protect them during the storm of change. Kelli Cross exhibits these qualities and more.”

    The South Carolina Primary Health Care Association (SCPHCA) is the unifying organization for Community Health Centers (CHCs) in South Carolina. Established in 1979 and representing 23 CHCs across the state (to include the SC Agriculture Worker Program), the SCPHCA has been working to increase the availability of quality health care to low-income, uninsured, isolated, vulnerable, and special need populations.

  • 2020 CareSouth Carolina's Jeri Andrews named Amy V. Cockcroft Fellow

    CareSouth Carolina’s Jeri Andrews, FNP, was named a 2021-22 Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellow. She was the lone representative from a federally-qualified health center (FQHC) in the state.

    The Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship is a creative endeavor that prepares accomplished nurses for innovative healthcare leadership in the 21st century.

    The Fellowship Program is a year-long endeavor that includes regular sessions in Columbia and a leadership project that is completed in the community.

  • 2020 CareSouth Carolina’s Tracie Thigpen named Nurse of the Year

    CareSouth Carolina’s Tracie Thigpen was named the South Carolina Nurse of the Year at the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association’s 26th annual Clinical Network Retreat, which was held virtually.

    Thigpen, the Chief of Nursing at CareSouth Carolina, has been with the organization for three years said the award came as a shock to her.

    “It’s humbling,” Thigpen said. “I’ve always strive to do the best that I can do in taking care of patients and staff members and this just reiterated to me that I am making a difference. I want to thank my team- both the management team and my staff- because without them none of this would be possible.”

    CareSouth Carolina CEO Ann Lewis said Thigpen goes above and beyond the call of duty.

    “I was proud to nominate Tracie Thigpen as SCPHCA Nurse of the Year and absolutely elated that she won,” Lewis said. “Tracie is the epitome of what a nurse stands for: compassionate beyond all boundaries, committed in heart, soul and body, knowledgeable with grace and humbleness. I am amazed by her strength and perseverance during this time of the pandemic.”

    Thigpen said she felt the Lord’s calling from an early age to be a nurse and to get involved in healthcare management.

    “Growing up, my mother had some health problems and I helped my dad in taking care of her. I knew then I wanted to be a nurse and I knew that I wanted to be in management,” Thigpen said. “The Lord made ways and opened up doors and I’m very blessed to be working here and in this capacity.”

    Thigpen said a lot of prayers goes into her decision-making and she always looks to put patient care first.

    “That’s the foundation of who I am,” Thigpen said. “I spend a lot of time seeking the Lord’s guidance in prayer. I like working at CareSouth Carolina because of the values. We put the patient first and it’s all about what’s best for the patients. We are committed to the community and that allows me to make a difference.”

    The South Carolina Primary Health Care Association (SCPHCA) is the unifying organization for Community Health Centers (CHCs) in South Carolina. Established in 1979 and representing 23 CHCs across the state (to include the SC Agriculture Worker Program), the SCPHCA has been working to increase the availability of quality health care to low-income, uninsured, isolated, vulnerable, and special need populations.

  • 2018 Jimmy Newsom Signature Award

    CareSouth Carolina Miles of Smiles Dental Program was awarded this prestigious award for making a difference in hundreds of children in the Darlington County School District. Since 2006, CareSouth Carolina has provided valuable dental services at 20 of the 23 schools in Darlington County. The school-based dental program travels to the schools and provides dental exams, x-rays, fillings, extractions, cleaning and sealants. Any student can utilize these services regardless of their ability to pay.

  • 2018 Community Integrated Management Services Valued Partner Award

    CareSouth Carolina was one of four CIMS Centers to receive the CIMS Award for Performance Excellence for Quality and Service over the past 10 years at the CIMS Annual Meeting held in Columbia.

    CareSouth Carolina will use the monetary gift they received to provide patients with at home Blood Pressure and Diabetic Glucose Monitors that will electronically upload the patient’s data to their CareSouth Carolina provider. This data will be instrumental in providing the best care to the patient.

  • 2017 SC Primary Health Center Association Champion Award

    SC Primary Health Care Association presented Marquette Johnson-Green of CareSouth Carolina the 2017 Award of Excellence at their Annual Conference and Community Health Center Board Governance Retreat.

  • 2016 Migrant Champion of the Year

    Tracy Teal, NP-C, Chief of Community Health at CareSouth Carolina, was awarded 2016 Migrant Champion of the Year by the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association Migrant Health Network at their Migrant Health Advisory Meeting in Columbia, South Carolina.

  • 2017 Migrant Health Employee of the Year

    SC Primary Health Care Association presented Kelly Taylor of CareSouth Carolina the 2017 2017 Migrant Health Employee of the Year Award at their Annual Conference and Community Health Center Board Governance Retreat.

  • 2016 Champion for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Award

    SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy awarded CareSouth Carolina with this award for the setting up a teen-friendly environment and providing teen services.

  • 2015 Pamela S. Mabry Nurse of the Year Award

    SC Primary Health Care Association presented Wanda Robertson, RN of CareSouth Carolina the 2015 Pamela S. Mabry Nurse of the Year Award.

  • 2014 Major Contributor for the Behavioral Health Integration Implementation Guide

    CareSouth Carolina was one of only four primary care practices being highlighted in the Behavioral Health Integration Implementation Guide. The implementation guide is a suite of materials to help primary care practices integrate behavioral health. We were profiled in the October 2014 of the Organized, Evidence-Based Care: Behavioral Health Integration.

  • 2013 LEAP Selection by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    Following a rigorous nationwide review process, CareSouth Carolina has been selected as an exemplary model of workforce innovation for a new project: The Primary Care Team: Learning from Effective Ambulatory Practices (The LEAP Project). The LEAP Project is a joint initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation at Group Health Research Institute. CareSouth Carolina is one of 30 primary care practices that has been selected for this distinction, out of hundreds of practices that were nominated by national experts and rated by a National Advisory Committee. The LEAP Project will study and share innovative staffing arrangements that make primary care more accessible and effective for patients.

  • 2012 John Gilbert Award

    The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) has presented Ann Lewis, CEO of CareSouth Carolina, with the 2012 John Gilbert Award. The award, which recognizes longstanding excellence and leadership in community health, was presented to Ms. Lewis at the 43rd annual NACHC Community Health Institute in Orlando Florida, a national conference attended by nearly 2,000 community health leaders from across the country.

  • 2012 Visionary Award

    Ann Lewis was recognized by the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association at its 2012 Annual Conference for her extraordinary leadership, commitment, and dedication to the vision and mission of community health centers.   Under the leadership of Ann Lewis, CareSouth Carolina has stayed the course and a step ahead of those forces that continue to alter the landscape of the health care field. It has never shied away from its responsibility to the underserved, and its visionary clinical programs have received national exposure and recognition from national legislators as well as the CBS Evening News, the ABC Today Show, Time Magazine, the Institute of Health Care Improvement, the Wall Street Journal, and others.

  • 2012 Community Health Care Leadership Award

    CareSouth Carolina was presented with the 2012 Community Health Care Leadership Award for its steadfast commitment to the health of the medically underserved populations in South Carolina by the South Carolina Primary Healthcare Association. "The Community Health Care Leadership Award recognizes an outstanding organization in South Carolina that honors the Community Health Center movement and it’s principles by demonstrating a commitment to the state’s medically underserved populations,” said Lathran Woodard, executive director of the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association. “This year’s award goes to an organization that has a positive and direct impact on low-income, uninsured and underinsured individuals and their families, and others experiencing barriers to accessing health care.” Woodard recognized CareSouth Carolina for its organizational commitment to advocating for the needs of the most vulnerable and for community health.

  • 2011 Visit and Praise by Air Force Surgeon General

    Air Force Medical Services of the United States is part of a Military Health System that is second to none in the world. It has earned more than a stellar reputation for transforming the way health services are provided on and off the battlefield. So, when the Surgeon General of the Air Force decides he wants to visit CareSouth Carolina in Hartsville to learn how they have been so effective, staff at the local community health center were a bit shocked.

    “Sure, over the past decade, we have earned a national reputation for providing quality patient-centered care – for being innovative and doing everything in our power to ensure the best for everyone in rural communities here in the Pee Dee,” said Ann Lewis, CEO at CareSouth Carolina. “But, when you receive an e-mail requesting a visit from the senior-most medical services officer in the U.S. Air Force - it sort of blows your socks off. We are truly honored.”

    Surgeon General Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Charles B. Green brought a team to Hartsville to hear presentations by CareSouth management staff, ask questions and tour the facility. Included in the team was Ray S. Jeter, Colonel, USAF, DC Chief, Air Force Medical Services Innovations; Lt. Col. Mickey T. Goodridge, Traveling Executive Officer, AF Surgeon General ; and was escorted from Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter by Ahmed Calvo, M.D., MPH, senior medical officer at the Health Resource Service Administration’s Office of Health Information Technology and Quality.

    “I was so impressed with you and your team,” said Surgeon General Green about the visit with CareSouth Carolina staff. “I have been talking about what you shared non-stop with my entire team. I only hope I can do a little of what you have so aptly demonstrated can be done when the focus is on the patient and the community. Bravo!!” General Green presented Ann Lewis with the Air Force Surgeon General Coin, a tradition honoring excellence in the provision of medical care.

  • 2010 Margaret J Weston Award

    South Carolina Primary Health Care Association presented Ann Lewis, CEO at CareSouth Carolina, this award for her persistence in overcoming barriers and obstacles to ensure quality health care services are provided to those most in need. The award is presented annually in honor of the late Margaret J. Weston. Ms. Weston, who passed away in November of 1991, served as a pioneer in the delivery of health care services to the underserved in South Carolina.

  • 2009 Selection for Harvest of Driver Insights - HRSA and National Institute of Health (NIH) National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities

    CareSouth Carolina was ushered into the national spotlight as one of the very best at providing quality health care. In fact, of the more than 1,900 community health centers in the nation, CareSouth Carolina was one of only three asked to present its story at a national conference focused on showcasing those that have achieved and sustained improved health outcomes for patients. The “Harvest of Driver Insights” conference was jointly sponsored by the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities. Ann Lewis, CEO at CareSouth Carolina, presented the organization’s focus on achieving some of the best health outcomes in the nation for patients to an audience of some of the most influential policy makers in the nation, including Mary Wakefield, the new administrator for HRSA, as well as senior leaders and project officers from a broad representation of those in the federal government currently involved in the dialogue on health care reform.


  • 2009 Health Center of the Year Award

    CareSouth Carolina was recognized by the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association for innovative, comprehensive approaches to community-based health care that improves access to care.

  • 2008 Community Health Center of the Year

    CareSouth Carolina was recognized by the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association for innovative, comprehensive approaches to community-based health care that improves access to care.

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