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Tracie Thigpen, MSN-RN Named 2021 Employee of the Year

Tracie Thigpen, MSN-RN Named 2021 Employee of the Year

March 3rd 2022

Congratulations to Tracie Thigpen, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, being named the 2021 CareSouth Carolina Employee of the Year!

Tracie's role in the pandemic was enormous - both state and federal and not to mention our own internal CareSouth Carolina needs and demands. She was the one who reported, documented, tracked, coordinated, covered needs and this is just to name a few! Tracie worked many weekends, evenings and her time off was never been truly “off”. In one word, she is amazing!

Tracie is quiet, unassuming, never complains, she always steps up and does anything needed, even before anyone often realizes it is needed.

Join us in congratulating this outstanding person….CareSouth Carolina Employee of the Year 2021 Tracie Thigpen!

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