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Rubicon Awarded Community Partnership Award

May 22nd 2019

CareSouth Carolina awarded the Community Partnership Award to Rubicon at its spring departmental meeting.

The Community Partnership Award is given to organizations in the area to recognize their partnership with CareSouth Carolina to serve and aid the community.

Rubicon was recognized for the award in 2019 because of the organization’s partnership with CareSouth Carolina’s ROADS initiative. The ROADS (Reach Out and Deliver Services) initiative allows CareSouth Carolina to offer medical services at remote locations through several different units.

In 2019, CareSouth Carolina acquired an additional unit- Freedom ROADS- to be used for MAT (Medication Assistance Treatment) services remotely at local agencies, including Rubicon. MAT is the use of FDA-approved medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral health, to provide a “whole-patient” approach to the treatment of substance use disorders.

Through the partnership, CareSouth Carolina is able to offer medical services for those struggling with substance abuse disorders and the agencies are able to provide counseling and support to give the patient the best care possible.

“We started out going one day a week, but because of the high demand, Rubicon extended an offer for us to come back a second day each week,” said CareSouth Carolina Chief of Project Development Joy Gandy. “They understand what the patient needs and the importance of giving the patient whole treatment. They have counseling, group support and are making a difference. We felt it necessary to give them the award.”

Rubicon provides prevention, intervention, and treatment services to enhance and maintain families and individuals, improving the overall health of the community.

The mission of Rubicon, Inc. is to respond selectively to identified human service needs in Darlington County through prevention, intervention and treatment strategies aimed at strengthening, enhancing and maintaining effective functioning of families and individuals, and generally improve the health status of community residents.


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