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Neal Anderson Named 2019 Employee of the Year

December 19th 2019

CareSouth Carolina named Neal Anderson, the Director of the Physical Plant, as its 2019 Employee of the Year.

“It was good, but it’s not just me. It’s the entire maintenance staff,” Anderson said. “Nothing could be done without their hard work day-in and day-out.”

Anderson, who began working at CareSouth Carolina in January of 2003, oversees the maintenance department and works to take care of the organization’s property, both inside and outside.

“Neal Anderson is a top shelf employee,” a nomination said about Anderson. “He goes above and beyond to make sure our needs are met and he is very approachable. He has never been rude or acted like he did not have time to discuss things. He is an asset to CareSouth Carolina Inc.”

The nomination explained that on the day following the Martin Luther King Holiday, the pipes were frozen at CareSouth Carolina’s previous McColl site. As a result, the waiting area was flooded, water was pouring from the ceiling in the back hallway, hallway ceiling tiles had collapsed and a provider’s office ceiling had collapsed.

“Who did I call? Neal Anderson,” the nomination said. “He and his crew arrived and the work began of sucking up water, tearing down tiles and try to get the building up and running for the next day to see patients. We did just that- together- with teamwork. On numerous occasions, I have called Neal- and usually not with god news- and he has always been professional, kind and made lemonade out of lemons.”

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