Making A Difference One Patient At A Time

July 23rd 2015

At CareSouth Carolina, our patients are family. We deliver an innovative and comprehensive set of services that are making an impact here at home. We are dedicated to better health for all of us.

This is a story that was shared by one of our Providers.

I have been seeing a patient with diabetes since 2012.  At that time, the patient’s a1c was 11.3.  By March 2015, the patient’s a1c had risen to 12.7.  The provider spent time during the appointment in March discussing possible health complications that could arise if the patient’s a1c continued to rise.  The provider reiterated the importance of diet, exercise, taking medication as prescribed and seeing the provider regularly. The patient decided that day to heed the provider’s advice and get on board to better health.  The patient now has an a1c of 6.6.

Welcome Home To Better Health!

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