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Making A Difference!

April 12th 2016

At CareSouth Carolina, our patients are family. We deliver an innovative and comprehensive set of services that are making an impact here at home.  We are dedicated to better health for all of us.

This is a story that was shared by one of our Team Members with Family Support Services.

I have been working with a patient diagnosed with hypertension for the past two years.  He was depressed due to being unemployed because of pain in his feet since childhood. The pain progressed over the years and he was unable to walk.  The patient was at the point to where he was considering filing for disability.  However, over the next two years the patient began seeing a CareSouth Carolina provider and behavior health counselor.  The patient made consistent visits to the office to see his provider and counselor. The patient has also received close follow up from his Community Health Worker.  The Community Health Worker provided cholesterol/healthy diet education due to his cholesterol being extremely high.  The patient developed a close relationship with the CareSouth Carolina team who nurtured and coached him about his self-worth.  The patient, over the next two years had developed a positive disposition.  The patient has made a remarkable recovery, to the point that his has gained full employment and more important he now has health insurance.   I am so proud of all that he has accomplished.

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