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Jeri Andrews, APRN, FNP-BC Awarded Award for Nursing Leadership by The Center for Nursing Leader

Jeri Andrews, APRN, FNP-BC Awarded Award for Nursing Leadership by The Center for Nursing Leader

April 7th 2022

CareSouth Carolina’s Jeri Andrews, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, was presented the Award for Nursing Leadership 2022 by the Center for Nursing Leadership at the Annual Leadership Summit on March 25, 2022. 

Andrews, who serves as CareSouth Carolina’s Associate Medical Director, has been with CareSouth Carolina for more than a decade and was instrumental in the implementation of the organization’s ROADS (Reach Out And Delivering Services) units, which are a fleet of mobile units that are used to provide services— including school-based care and Telehealth services— in the community. 

Andrews said she was surprised when she heard the news that she was going to be receiving the award at the annual Amy V. Cockcroft Graduation Ceremony and Summit on Friday, March 25.

“I was completely surprised,” Andrews said. “I thought I was just going for the summit and graduation and I had actually nominated another colleague for the award not knowing that I had been nominated. I am humbled and very blessed to receive such an honor. I want to thank those leaders in the organization who have invested in me, mentored me, and most importantly believed in me. I must also thank my family who has supported me through this journey. I truly love what I do, where I do it, and the people I do it with and for. I wish for many more years at CareSouth Carolina where I can continue to live our mission of enhancing and improving the health and well-being of everyone!”

The Center for Nursing Leadership's Annual Leadership Summit is held annually and features state and national speakers discussing current and emerging issues in leadership, nursing, and healthcare. The Summit is a full-day conference and includes a graduation and awards ceremony and leadership presentations by the graduating class of the Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellowship. The Annual Summit is a full-day conference for all nurses: CNOs, Nurse Managers, Deans and Directors, Staff Nurses, Health Educators, Students, and Aspiring Leaders. The Summit includes networking time with colleagues.

After working as Mobile Health and Off-Site Services Program Director for CareSouth Carolina, Andrews was named the Associate Medical Director for the organization in 2021. She is the first Nurse Practitioner to hold the role in the organization. 

The nomination for Andrews detailed her involvement at CareSouth Carolina and how she has been a leader for change with the organization since the very beginning:

“Jeri came to CareSouth Carolina (CSC) as a staff NP in 2010.  In 2015, Jeri was transferred to a new position as a Nurse Practitioner to provide well-child visits on a new mobile unit (ROADS) that we purchased,” the nomination read. “We started with a partial school district.  In 2018, CSC had expanded ROADS into all five of our service counties.  We had to hire 2 additional Nurse Practitioners and purchase 2 additional mobile units  We had, also, hired another NP to run a public employee health center.   One of the Nurse Practitioners who was hired for ROADS began going to local DAODAS agencies and delivering MAT services.  We, also, began delivering MAT services in a local DAODAS agency.  Jeri was named as Director of ROADS and Offsite services.  The expansion of our mobile and offsite services were a direct result of Jeri's leadership and relationships she developed with our local schools and government agencies.  In March of 2020 when COVID hit, Jeri took the lead in transitioning all of our providers to telehealth.  Jeri had become familiar with Telehealth as she had, also, implemented this service in some of our school districts.  In December of 2020, CSC rolled out a new EHR.  Jeri was designated as a "super user".  She was instrumental in assisting our staff and providers how to use this new system.  In 2021 Jeri was promoted to Associate Medical Director!  She is the first NP in our organization to hold this title!  It is an honor to have watched Jeri's professional growth throughout the years!  She is a true inspiration to those that work with her.  We know she will be "the face" for The Amy Croft Leadership award!”

In 2021, Andrews was named the recipient of the ‘Emerging Leader of the Year Award’ by the South Carolina Primary Healthcare Association (SCPHCA) for 2021. She also recently graduated from the 2021-22 Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellow program as the lone representative from a federally-qualified health center (FQHC) in the state and one of just 15 selections overall.

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