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Engooden Health helps CSC improve health through technology-enabled services

December 17th 2021 is now Engooden Health, the only company to offer scalable chronic care management (CCM) services and technology to physicians, health systems and payers to identify rising-risk and chronically ill patients and positively impact their health trajectories. Through personalized patient interventions, Engooden Health connects with thousands of patients every month, uncovering barriers to care, dramatically increasing health outcomes while decreasing healthcare costs.

The word “Engooden” means to improve or transform something negative into a positive. More than a name, the new Engooden Health brand better reflects the company’s mission and impact it wants to have on transforming healthcare connectivity between physicians’ visits, positively impacting patients’ lives and helping its customers and partners reduce rising healthcare costs. According to The American Hospital Association, 80% of a person’s overall health is determined outside of clinical care, meaning the path to better healthcare takes place between physicians’ visits and before one goes to the hospital. Engooden care navigators reach patients between visits to intelligently assess each patient’s health status and intervene where necessary to identify barriers to care, schedule appointments, refill prescriptions and escalate urgent issues to clinicians.

Engooden offers both payers and providers personalized services for patients eligible for CCM services and those in the rising-risk category, and the program benefits both traditional fee-for-service CCM programs and risk-bearing, value-based arrangements. By providing patients with the support they need in between doctors’ visits, Engooden can help patients avoid catastrophic health events and improve overall health and medical expenses. Our Patient success stories illustrate the care and trust patients develop with our care navigators to achieve results such as reduced HbA1c, weight loss, blood pressure and more.

“Our partnership with Engooden has allowed us to provide high quality Chronic Care Management services to our patients,” said Dr. Jeniqua Duncan, chief of value-based care at CareSouth Carolina. “Our CCM services work collaboratively with our established resources at CareSouth to provide comprehensive, patient centered care. We have seen improvements in patient engagement, quality metrics and even employee satisfaction through our work with Engooden.”

Engooden’s patent-pending, proprietary technology continuously analyzes electronic health records (EHR) for patients who qualify for CCM, identifying 23% more chronic conditions than any other solution and identifying 25% more care gaps than an EHR alone. It automatically surfaces actionable insights to care navigators, allowing them to focus on the most clinically important updates and intervene with the right patients at the right time. Engooden seamlessly integrates with EHRs such as Athena, Epic, Cerner and more.

“Our mission is to improve the lives of patients under our care every day, and we wanted a name and a brand that captures our vision,” said Engooden President and CEO, Thomas Ferry. “Thousands of patients rely on us each day, whether it’s to help them manage their blood pressure, to navigate the increasingly complex healthcare system, identify solutions to SDOH roadblocks or achieve a new health goal so they can attend their child’s wedding. Our goal is to help improve not only their health but their quality of life.”

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