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Community organizations partner to deliver food in Chesterfield County

Community organizations partner to deliver food in Chesterfield County

April 28th 2020

CareSouth Carolina and the CareFIRST Carolina Foundation partnered with Harvest Hope Food Bank, Duke Energy and many other local organizations to help disperse 250 boxes of shelf stable foods to local partners in the Chesterfield County community.

Duke Energy made the donation of 250 boxes as a way to supply food for the elderly, disabled or families in crisis that do not have SNAP funds.

Nicol Echols, Pee Dee Branch Executive Director for the Harvest Hope Food Bank, contacted the CareFIRST Carolina Foundation and CareSouth Carolina to assist in getting the food out to as many different places in Chesterfield County as possible.

“CareFIRST Foundation’s help and community contacts are invaluable in getting these foods to these areas,” Echols said.

CareSouth Carolina was able to us its dental trucks, which are currently free, to pick up and deliver the food to several different partnering organizations.

“This was a true partnership in accomplishing a mission of care, from Duke Energy and Harvest Hope Food Bank to CareFIRST Carolina Foundation / CareSouth Carolina and thanks to all the partners, there is a little less food insecurity in Chesterfield County this week,” said Mark Sobiski, Director of the CareFIRST Carolina Foundation.

All 250 boxes of shelf stable foods were delivered to many area partners to assist including:  McArn Food Pantry in Cheraw, Macedonia Baptist Church in Cash community, Robert Smalls Community Center in Cheraw (they dispersed food boxes to various Cheraw, Chesterfield and Pageland locations) the Chesterfield Baptist church food pantry in Chesterfield as well as CareSouth Carolina Inc. locations in Cheraw and Chesterfield to be used for COVID-19 quarantined individuals or patients in food crisis.

In addition to these organizations, Harvest Hope Food Bank and the CareFIRST Carolina Foundation would like to express thanks to Representative Patricia Moore Henegan, Sharon Hendrix (McArn Food pantry), Councilwoman Hattie Burns (Macedonia Baptist Church), John Melton (Robert Smalls Community Center in Cheraw) John Douglas (the Chesterfield Baptist Church food pantry) and Jeff Ellis, as well as the staff and leadership of CareSouth Carolina Inc.

The CareFIRST Carolina Foundation, is an independent supporting foundation dedicated to financially supporting the mission of CareSouth Carolina. Together, the two organizations provide and improve access to health and support services to those who need them most. It is the first regional foundation to focus on improving the access and the quality of primary health care in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.

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