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CareSouth Carolina's Dr. Ken Moyd celebrates retirement after more than 30 years of service

February 15th 2023

SOCIETY, S.C. -- Longtime CareSouth Carolina Provider Dr. Ken Moyd is set to retire after more than 30 years of service in his community.

Dr. Moyd, who received his Medical Degree at the University of South Carolina and did a residency at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, has been at CareSouth Carolina for more than three decades, serving in his home community.

Born in Virginia, Dr. Moyd moved to Hartsville when he was just two years old and has been a part of Darlington County ever since. Growing up, Dr. Moyd said that he never could picture himself being anything other than a doctor and serving in the medical field. 

“My father was a doctor and my best friend became a doctor,” Dr. Moyd said. “I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to be and, once I finished Medical School and my residency, CareSouth Carolina offered the best opportunity for me to return home and serve in the capacity that I wanted to serve.”

Dr. Moyd worked in the CSC Hartsville office for a year before a brief stint working in the private sector for just a few months. He then returned to CareSouth Carolina and transferred to the Rosa Lee Gerald Center in Society Hill, where he has been for the last 32 years.

Over the last three decades, Dr. Moyd noted how much he has seen change at CareSouth Carolina since he began.

“It seemed like it was always a struggle to stay open and get funding in the beginning. It was a tough go,” Dr. Moyd said. “Then, all of a sudden, things really started to get better. Society Hill got much stronger and, now CareSouth Carolina is a large organization with dozens of offices all over the Pee Dee. It truly was a ‘backyard beginning’ and now it’s grown into this massive organization. It has been so much fun to watch.” 

Dr. Moyd said that he has built many relationships at CareSouth Carolina over the years that he will miss. From nurses, to front-office personnel, Chief Medical Officers, I.T. specialists, maintenance workers, and CEO Ann Lewis, he’ll always remember the work they were able to accomplish together.

CareSouth Carolina CEO Ann Lewis said that Dr. Moyd will be sorely missed, but that his retirement is well-deserved.

“It seems impossible that Dr. Ken Moyd has been with us since 1988.  I remember his first days in Society Hill – in what we call the “old building”, now used for Special Programs,” Lewis said.  “There are so many attributes that I think of when thinking of Dr. Moyd:  compassionate, caring, unflappable, smart as a whip and so kind and gentle.  Although he will be sorely missed, we are so happy for a retirement future for him that will be well deserved.”

Dr. Stephen Smith, Chief Medical Officer with CareSouth Carolina, said that Dr. Moyd is one of the most intelligent people he has ever come to know.

“I had the pleasure and privilege of partnering with Dr. Moyd for the past 30 years,” said Dr. Stephen Smith, Chief Medical Officer with CareSouth Carolina.  “Dr. Moyd is one of the most intelligent people I know and blessed with an easygoing personality. I can’t imagine being partnered with anyone better.”

Dr. Moyd said that, ultimately, he wants to be remembered for being a medical provider who “treated everybody right.” 

“You’re doing good for people,” Dr. Moyd said. “I don’t want to just provide the service for them. If they’re being referred to a specialist, I want to tell them what they can expect. Really try to make medicine less scary for people and make it less of a mystery for people.” 

As he looks forward to retirement, Dr. Moyd says he’ll focus on traveling, gardening and planting. He says he has 13 more states to visit before he can say that he’s visited every single state in the United States and that he plans to expand his Apple Orchard. 

Dr. Moyd’s last day with CareSouth Carolina will be on February 16, 2023. 

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