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CareSouth Carolina Welcomes New School-Based Counselor

CareSouth Carolina Welcomes New School-Based Counselor

January 4th 2023

CareSouth Carolina Welcomes New School Based Counselor

Tabitha Hennagan, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has joined the CareSouth Carolina team of Behavioral Health professionals. She is a school-based counselor who sees students enrolled at McColl Elementary/Middle School. Hennagan says she is passionate about making sure the people in our community are both physically and mentally healthy.

“When people feel that they are doing well physically and mentally, they tend to have a better attitude and tend to want more out of life,” she explains. “These same people tend to want others to benefit from the joy and feeling of success that they are experiencing and this helps the community to grow and have peace.”

Amy Cook, LISW, Director of Behavioral Health for CareSouth Carolina, said she is excited to have Hennagan join the behavioral health family. “There is such an increased need for school-based counseling services in the Marlboro County area,” Cook said. “Tabitha has 15 years of experience combined with school-based services, vocational rehabilitation, and substance use. We are blessed to expand our team with the knowledge and expertise that she provides to children and families.”

Hennagan earned her of Bachelor of Science in Psychology from S.C. State University in Orangeburg, and her Masters in Psychology and Professional Counseling from Argosy University in Atlanta, Ga.

“One of the challenges that we have to overcome in rural communities is building trust with the community,” Hennagan said. “Living in a rural community, I have found that people tend to flock to services from professionals that they know and that have a stake in the community. I have attended events sponsored by CareSouth Carolina or attended an event where CareSouth Carolina has been represented and I am always pleased with what I observe.”

Outside of work Hennagan enjoys reading, singing, listening to music and spending time with her family.

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