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CareSouth Carolina providing remote counseling services

CareSouth Carolina providing remote counseling services

April 3rd 2020

CareSouth Carolina is offering behavioral health services remotely via TELETherapy as a way to continue to provide a complete patient experience during the COVID-19 outbreak.

TELETherapy services allow for convenient and consistent access to your CareSouth Carolina Behavioral Health Counselor in your home environment, catering to your individual or family needs no matter the location. A patient can access t0 counseling services by phone or video chat.

“This COVID-19 pandemic created a surge and a need for telemedicine, teletherapy and telecounseling to get in front of any mental and emotional distress, and to manage worries and anxieties before they become unmanageable,” said CareSouth Carolina Director of Behavioral Health Elizabeth Kershner, MSW, LISW-CP AP.

TELETherapy is available to existing and new patients of CareSouth Carolina. A new patient will have a brief telemedicine check-up with a provider who will then give a referral to a behavioral health counselor.

“As we have shelter in place and stay-at-home guidance from our leaders, it’s important to have this kind of option for folks to continue or to engage in counseling even if they haven’t been in counseling before,” Kershner said. “Patients are advised to stay home and, just like they’re consulting with doctors and nurses remotely, they can meet with their counselor.”

To set up an appointment, the patient can contact the CareSouth Carolina Telehealth Triage Center at 843-309-8102.

CareSouth Carolina Behavioral Health Counselors provide individual, couples and family therapy for a wide range of emotional and mental/behavioral health concerns. Counseling services at CareSouth Carolina are evidence-based and include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Problem-Solving Therapy (PST); Interpersonal Pyschotherapy (IPT); and Behavioral Modification.

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