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CareSouth Carolina mourns the loss of Charles Love Jr.

CareSouth Carolina mourns the loss of Charles Love Jr.

July 17th 2020

A light has gone out in South Carolina – Charles W. Love, Jr. passed away this week.

The generosity, compassion and love that Charles had for the Pee Dee, Marlboro county and his beloved McColl will be a far-reaching legacy.  His genuine love for those in our communities whose needs he met in so many way will always be in our hearts.  For CareSouth Carolina, the beautiful building he gifted, as President of the Love Family Foundation, to us in McColl will stand as a lasting memorial to that love.  The dream that he and the Foundation had for medical services, rehabilitative care and wellness in a state of the art facility came to fruition in this new building.

His compassion didn’t stop there.

Through the work of the Love Foundation and his leadership, with projects and charities to numerous to count,  McColl and Marlboro county have felt his commitment and love as he, so often, wrapped his generosity around us all.  For years and even decades to come, we will remember and will be inspired to fulfill his dreams and live up to his legacies.  A light has gone out indeed.  At the CareSouth Carolina McColl building, we will extinguish the light in the tower for the next week as we grieve his passing.

–CareSouth Carolina CEO Ann Lewis

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