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CareSouth Carolina is here to help with Marketplace Insurance Enrollment

November 3rd 2023

Open Enrollment for health coverage in the upcoming plan year has officially begun and will run from November 1 through January 15, 2024.

The coverage obtained during this period can kick in as early as January 1, allowing people to start the new year with the protection they need. This annual Open Enrollment Period is a critical window for those seeking health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act, providing a chance to secure quality healthcare that aligns with their financial resources and health requirements.

Certified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), CareSouth Carolina staff are available and offer free assistance in educating the community and helping individuals complete an application for coverage through the New Health Insurance Marketplace created through the Affordable Care Act.

“I'm excited for this year's open enrollment cycle,” Community Health Navigator Jacqueline Anderson said. “We have a great opportunity to offer assistance to residents in the Pee Dee and South Carolina with obtaining health insurance through the Marketplace. When enrolling and re-enrolling, consumers now have more choices available from health insurance issuers.”

CareSouth Carolina has Certified Application Counselors on staff to help you navigate through the web-based health insurance site,

The Marketplace is a new way to find health coverage that fits your budget and meets your needs. With one application, you can see all your options and enroll. Every health insurance plan in the new Marketplace will offer essential health benefits, including doctor visits, preventative care, hospitalization, prescriptions, and more. The Marketplace can compare plans based on price, benefits, quality, and other features important to you before you make a choice. You can call any CareSouth Carolina health center for assistance.

To reach a Certified Application Counselor, you can call 1-866-498-0399.

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