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CareSouth Carolina Brings New Services to Lee County

May 14th 2019

BISHOPVILLE – CareSouth Carolina is partnering with Lee County to bring an all-new healthcare program exclusively for those employed by agencies insured through the Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA). This includes county, school district, municipal and state government employees and retirees in the area.

Estimated to begin in June, CareSouth Carolina will offer primary care exclusively for public employees and their dependents in a separate suite located in the SCDHEC office in Bishopville as part of its new “Public Employee Health Services—Lee County” program.

The suite (810 Brown Street- Suite 1) will have its own entrance on the side of the building and will be available to offer physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment of many common acute and chronic conditions, medication prescription and management, wellness visits, drug testing, flu vaccines and many other services.

“Lee County is the most medically underserved county in our area,” said John Douglas, chief of business development for CareSouth Carolina.  “We are looking forward to providing on-site services for these public employees and their families.”

Joy Gandy, chief of project development for CareSouth Carolina, said the new site will allow CareSouth Carolina an opportunity to see more patients from the general public at its Bishopville sites and give employees of these organizations a chance to see a provider in a timely manner.

“We really appreciate the cooperation of Lee County and County Administrator Alan Watkins in partnering with us to bring this new service to the area,” Gandy said.

Alan Watkins, county administrator, said the program will be of great benefit to Lee County.

“Lee County is very excited about collaborating with CareSouth Carolina to establish a health site to provide medical services to public employees in our community,” Watkins said. “This local site will allow employees seeking medical treatment for themselves and their dependents to avoid traveling out of town for these services and hopefully encourage them to seek treatment sooner and avoid longer lasting consequences from various illnesses. CareSouth Carolina has shown through this effort as well as other programs in the county their strong commitment to rural communities and improving health outcomes. Lee County Council is very proud of our association with CareSouth Carolina and we look forward to continuing to work together to improve the quality of life in Lee County.”

Adam Gude, NP-C, will be the provider at the clinic. Gude said he is excited to make a difference in the community.

“Access to healthcare is a problem in South Carolina,” Gude said. “I am excited about the opportunity to provide healthcare services to Lee County and look forward to making a positive impact on the community. I am committed to providing evidence-based quality care in an effort to improve patient outcomes.”

For more information on the site, please contact 843-616-1471 or email John Douglas at

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