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CareSouth Carolina Awards Community Partnership Award

August 28th 2019

CareSouth Carolina awarded the Community Partnership Award to Dr. John Kirby, Superintendent of Latta Schools, at its August departmental meeting at the SiMT Building.

The Community Partnership Award is given to people and organizations in the area to recognize their distinguished partnership with CareSouth Carolina to serve and aid the community.

“Dr. John Kirby has been an essential partner with CareSouth Carolina in many endeavors – the startup of our office in Latta and the implementation of telehealth services in the Latta area schools,” CareSouth Carolina CEO Ann Lewis said. “His support and leadership paves the way for essential growth and development of health care services in Dillon county and the Latta area.”

Dr. John Kirby was selected as the Community Partnership Award recipient for his heavy involvement in promoting health education to the students of the district by teaching them to be proactive with their care and for his partnership with CareSouth Carolina to enable better access to care in the community of Latta.

“I was truly humbled as this year’s award recipient.  I accepted this award on behalf of my dedicated school staff that perform so effectively and efficiently which allows me time to develop partnerships that will improve our community as a whole,” Dr. Kirby said. “Our partnership with CareSouth Carolina in Latta provides much needed affordable health care for our citizens that improves the quality of life of their families, the school system, our churches, local businesses and industries and the community at large.”

Dr. Kirby said CareSouth Carolina’s mission to provide affordable and high-quality health care to everyone has made the partnership invaluable.

“Having healthier citizens allows our community to reach goals for our community to thrive and not just survive,” Dr. Kirby said. “I am so proud that CareSouth Carolina realized the need for health services in our community, took immediate and efficient action to address this need and are now maintaining and growing effective services that make such a positive impact upon our citizens.”

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