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Bishopville CSC Community Pharmacy now offering FREE prescription delivery

June 1st 2023

CSC Community Pharmacy is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand-new Medication Delivery Program in Bishopville, offering free at-home delivery of prescriptions to patients.

 The program, which started on May 1, aims to enhance convenience and accessibility for patients in the Bishopville area. This initiative first started at the Chesterfield CSC Community Pharmacy and has now made its way to Bishopville.

Patients who use the Bishopville pharmacy, regardless of whether they use CareSouth Carolina medical facilities or other healthcare providers, are eligible for the home delivery service at no extra cost. The program's primary objective is to ensure that patients receive their medications in a timely manner, regardless of their circumstances or transportation limitations.

When patients call in for prescription refills, they will be informed about the convenient delivery option. The pharmacy staff will also give patients information about the service during face-to-face interactions. Once patients express their interest in medication delivery, the necessary information will be recorded.

Whenever possible, same-day delivery will be arranged. If not, the medications will be delivered the next day.

Once the medications are prepared, the pharmacy staff will provide information and consultation over the phone, ensuring that patients are well-informed about their prescriptions. The delivery driver will then head to the patient's location, obtain their signature, and deliver the medications directly to their doorstep.

Teshonna Gregg, the Pharm Tech and Delivery Driver at the Bishopville office, emphasized the significance of the new Medication Delivery Program.

 "I think the delivery option is important for our patients because it's local, convenient, and most importantly, it's FREE!!," said Gregg. “There's no greater feeling than going to a patient's house and them saying, "Thank you so much! You don't know how much I appreciate this." A lot of the patients have trouble getting a ride to the pharmacy, and with delivery services, we at CSC Community Pharmacy can continue to put the patient and their health first. 

“CSC Community Pharmacy delivery equal healthy patients,” she said.

Jeffrey Hancock serves as the Pharmacist at the Bishopville location.

For more information about the Medication Delivery Program, patients are encouraged to contact the Bishopville pharmacy directly at 803-588-7960. The CSC Community Pharmacy team will be delighted to provide further details and assist you in taking advantage of this convenient and cost-free service.

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