CSC Community Pharmacy

csc-pharmacy-logoLooking for affordable prescriptions? Looking for a pharmacy that gets to know you and provides excellent service? CareSouth Carolina is home to the best prices on prescriptions.

The CSC Community Pharmacy operates locally out of the CareSouth Carolina Hartsville Center and, in most cases, provides next day delivery to all CareSouth medical centers. CareSouth patients can simply ask any staff member about the pharmacy and can start receiving their medications right away. Even if you are not a CareSouth patient, the CSC Community Pharmacy is open to all and is probably the right place for you and your family.

You can ask any staff member at any of CareSouth Carolina’s locations across the Pee Dee about our pharmacy. They will be happy to answer questions and share the benefits with you.

Staff Pharmacists

  • Casey Norris, PharmD, Pharmacy Director
  • Gale Fryer, RPh
  • Pam Youngblood, RPh
  • Ashley Singleton, Pharm.D., Pharmacist in Charge
  • Tammie Robinson, Pharm.D., Staff Pharmacist
  • Amy Law, Pharm.D., Staff Pharmacist


CSC Community Pharmacy
1268 South Fourth Street
PO Box 909
Hartsville, SC 29550