Family Practice at CareSouth Carolina

caresouth-carolina-family-practiceCareSouth Carolina offers a full range of primary care services at all of our centers, providing comprehensive medical care for all members of the family, from infants to the elderly. As a health care home, those services are both comprehensive and patient centered.

Certified in family practice, pediatrics and internal medicine, clinicians at CareSouth Carolina rely on an array of in-house services: diagnostic laboratory, diagnostic x-ray, testing and screenings, family planning, immunizations, referral to specialty services, case management, health education, nutrition, self management, outreach, translation and others.

We are a system of care in partnership with hospitals, service organizations and others across the region to ensure a seamless continuity for the patients that call us their medical home.

In-House Services

  • Diagnostic laboratory
  • Diagnostic x-ray
  • Testing and screenings
  • Family planning
  • Immunizations
  • Referral to specialty services
  • Case management
  • Health education
  • Nutrition
  • Self management
  • Outreach
  • Translation
  • and much more…