Dental Services at CareSouth Carolina

dental CareSouth Carolina is home to world-class dentistry services that are making a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of children and families.

The Division of Dental Medicine launched with the Miles of Smiles Dental Program. Miles of Smiles is providing oral health services at numerous schools and other community locations. In addition, the dental team now provides a pediatric sedation and dental fears clinic as well as specialized services for individuals with special needs and persons with diabetes and HIV/AIDS.  In 2016, we rolled out our Mobile Dental Unit.  The unit provides oral health services to the communities we serve.

The CareSouth Carolina Division of Dental Medicine is housed at the CareSouth Carolina Dental Center in Society Hill.

Miles of Smiles Pediatric Clinic

Provides comprehensive dental care to children 18 years of age and younger throughout the Pee Dee Region. (Includes comprehensive emergency care.)

Oral Health Diabetic Clinic

Provides oral health care and education to patients diagnosed with diabetes or considered pre-diabetic currently being treated at CareSouth Carolina.

Oral Health Cardiovascular Clinic

Provides oral health care and education to patients diagnosed with CVD or considered pre-CVD currently being treated at CSC.

Ryan White Dental Care Clinic

CareSouth Carolina HIV/AIDS integrated dental medicine clinic.

Persons with Special Healthcare Needs Dental Clinic

Through partnerships and affiliation with individual county boards of the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs to provide oral health services.

Adult Dental Care Cooperative — Dental Clinic

Provides comprehensive dental care to adults within our contracted system.

Adult Oral Emergency Clinic

Provides a referral base to CareSouth Carolina health providers for their patients in need of dental services.


CareSouth Carolina Division Of Dental Medicine
737 South Main Street
Society Hill, SC 29593
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