CareFirst Carolina Foundation

CareFIRST Carolina is an independent supporting foundation dedicated to financially supporting the mission of CareSouth Carolina. Together, we provide and improve access to health and support services to those who need them most. It is the first regional foundation to focus on improving the access and the quality of primary health care in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.

A donation to CareFIRST Carolina is directed toward two basic categories: improving access to care for those in need and improving the health of people in care. We are building a healthier community and serving as the catalyst for improving the system of care.

Ways to Give

The CareFirst Carolina Foundation is very fortunate to have the support of hundreds of donors who understand the importance of our mission. From individuals to corporate partners, we are continually honored by the trust that is placed in us and the work that we do together. There are a number of ways for you to make a contribution.

Ways to Give
Simple Contributions Gifts to CareFIRST Carolina, whether cash, securities, assets, property or other, are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.
Appreciated Securities/Stocks You may be able to contribute more by giving stock instead of cash. A gift of appreciated securities is generally easily transacted and often offers substantial tax savings to you.
Memorial Funds When a loved one dies, you may find solace by doing something positive that will benefit others and carry on the good name of the deceased. By establishing a memorial fund, your loved one’s name will become a permanent living memorial that will have great meaning.
Charitable Lead Trust You can donate part of your estate to the trust now and the income goes into your fund at the foundation for a designated period of years. Your estate taxes are reduced, and the property is not taxed to your children. When your children or grandchildren reach maturity, the trust terminates and they receive the assets.
Gift Annuity You can create a gift annuity by making a gift of cash or appreciated stock. In return, we pay you a guaranteed annual income for life. You receive and immediate tax deduction on your gift, and a portion of each income payment you receive is tax-free. After your death, the remainder of your annuity is used to create a charitable endowment fund in your name.
Charitable Remainder Trust Similar to a gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust will pay you a guaranteed annual income for life. In addition to gifts of cash or stock, you may establish a charitable remainder trust with gifts of real estate or other property. The Charitable Remainder Trust is established by you and is held by you until death at which time the remainder is donated to the foundation.
Life Insurance If you name the Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy, you receive an immediate tax deduction. All premium payments are also deductible.
Bequests Naming the foundation as a beneficiary in your will or trust can be the simplest gift. You may choose to make your gift from your IRAs or other qualified retirement plan.

If you would like to designate a donation to a particular area or program, please use our online donation form or contact Mark Sobiski, Foundation Director.

Mark Sobiski
Foundation Director
PO Box 1090
300 West Home Avenue
Hartsville, SC 29551
843-857-0111 ext:1446[/contact]