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Family Caregiver Advocate

Hartsville, SC

Job Description

Under the direction and supervision of the AAA Director and the Finance/Operations Manager, the Family Caregiver Advocate will work with county focal point agencies and other local entities to develop partnerships and service options in order to develop a multifaceted support system to respond to the needs of family caregivers. The Family Caregiver Advocate also will work closely with focal point agency directors, care managers, and I & R staff to develop staff capacity, identifying existing services, and promote new services to respond to the needs of family caregivers. To promote community access and involvement, the Family Caregiver Advocate at times may be “out stationed” in county providers’ office. The duties include the following:

  • The Advocate develops and maintain current information regarding programs, opportunities, and services available to older adults, adults with disabilities, and their families/caregivers with their geographical regions and statewide and forwards information on resources not in SC Access to the I/R&A Specialist.
  • The Advocate abides by policies and procedures established under federal and state law, as well as all policies set by the LGOA, which protect the integrity of the program as well as the privacy of individuals utilizing services. Funding is divided 75% Respite Services/25% Supplemental Services/10% Grandparent Services.
  • Client Intake: The advocate through conversation and direct questioning shall request and record the demographic information outlined by the LGOA upon receiving a call from a family caregiver.
  • Referrals: The Advocate shall provide appropriate referral choices to Caregivers whenever possible.
  • Incorrect Data: The Advocate shall encourage Caregivers to notify him/her in the event the condition of the care recipient or the services requested change.
  • Promote: The Advocate shall promote the FCSP, the Alzheimers Program, and the State Respite Program throughout the region.
  • Data Entry/Collection: The Advocate shall accurately input client data into AIM within 48 hours of receipt and document every call and contact, including information only calls, by recording the type of information requested and the action taken. Minimum 2-3 per day.
  • Expenditures: The Advocate will accurately keep track of expenditures, contact and intake data, earned services units, and people service category.
  • Reporting: The Advocate shall complete quarterly reports using inquirer data and/or data from AIM to support community planning activities (or planning at other levels), internal analysis, and advocacy. Reports shall have the ability to provide inquirer characteristics, service requests, service use, community assets, and gaps and duplication in services.
  • The Advocate communicates with the LGOA through email and advocate meetings for the purpose of collaborative effort to continuously enhance and expand the Family Caregiver Program to its highest possible potential.
  • Help Cart: The Advocate shall notify LGOA Help CART of any changes pertaining to providers or other resources within their planning and service areas.
  • The Advocate is responsible for coordinating the Family Caregiver Support Program regionally, in conjunction with the LGOA.
  • The Advocate is responsible for coordinating the Alzheimer's Respite Program regionally, in conjunction with the LGOA, as long as funding is available.
  • The Advocate is responsible for coordinating the State Respite Program regionally, in conjunction with the LGOA, as long as funding is available.
  • Outreach: The Advocate shall participate in a minimum of three (3) community health fairs, seminars, webinars, etc. that promote and identify appropriate providers, services, and service delivery system improvements each quarter.
  • Tracking Client Data Client information, as well as outreach efforts, shall be recorded in accordance with the protocols set by the LGOA to ensure current client information is up to date, to prevent duplication of client profiles, and to identify the need to create a new client record.
  • Advocacy: The Advocate shall be knowledgeable of local officials for the purpose of legislative advocacy and capable of identifying the appropriate party of interest when constituent services are not being rendered as designed.
  • Crisis Intervention and Emergency Calls: The Advocate will continue to update policies and procedures for responding to crisis and emergency calls and for making follow-up contacts when appropriate.
  • I&R/A Certification: The Advocate must receive training in aging and disability programs, earn AIRS (Alliance for Information and Referral Systems) certification within 15 months of their hire dates, and provide a copy of the current AIRS certificate to the LGOA Caregiver Program Manager.
  • Continuing Education: The Advocate must complete 10 hours of continuing I&R/A education every two years to maintain AIRS certification.
  • Teamwork: The advocate shall work closely with others in the aging (SC Access staff, Family Caregiver Advocates, SHIP Counselors, Directors, Ombudsmen, etc.) to ensure that service and resource information is shared within the AAAs and with appropriate LGOA staff to provide the best possible resources for community service available.
  • Completes Relias trainings and signs off on PowerDMS documents in a timely fashion.
  • Willing to assist with other duties as requested.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree and/or (3) three to (5) five years of experience in the field or related field.


Monday - Friday, Full Time


Hartsville - (Vantage Point)

CareSouth Carolina is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all. We seek to have a diverse, inclusive workforce and encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, citizenship, disability or veteran status.

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