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Miles of Smiles Dental Program

miles of smiles Through the foundation, CareSouth Carolina was able to launch its dental program and is now providing services to children in need who have no other access at schools across the Pee Dee region. They are also providing services at head start centers, disability and special needs centers and other community locations. Due to the dire need in our area, the foundation continues to support the expansion of these services to those who need them most in our communities.

The MILES OF SMILES transport van moves portable dental equipment from school to school. Allowing dental service to be performed where the children are at. Eliminating transportation and working parents lack of time off as barriers to care.

Last year 2317 children were seen by our dental providers at over 32 schools. Extractions, fillings, cleanings as well as comprehensive oral health care was given.

Many of these children have never seen a dentist much less had a dental care home. This program is supported by community donations to assist those children without any form of insurance as well as allowing supplies and equipment to be purchased. Even with Medicaid qualification the compensation is so low 90% of private practice dentists no longer take new Medicaid patients. Without your help these children might not have any where to go.

Providing dental services at the schools

Every $50.00 donated to CareFIRST Carolina Foundation allows one more child access to care. Every $100.00 allows a comprehensive dental visit and every $250.00 can sponsor a child for a year.

JOIN US and become an $100 Angel sponsor in our CareFIRST Family of donors.

Heavily infected teeth are always seen.

If making an impact in the lives of a child is important to you then help us keep this program growing! Our Dentists and dental teams are paid staff and will accept Medicaid, Private Insurance as well as sliding scale fees for dental services. The crisis is in how expensive the materials and equipment are for a program like this. Our mission is to not leave any child in pain and to provide services regardless of their parents’ ability to pay if necessary.


Reaching Out And Delivering Services

Pediatric mobile ROADS unit in schools

A health care home…. Sounds like a nice place! You can help us keep making it available to our local school children in the underserved areas of our region. Currently the unit is in Lee county, Dillon county & Chesterfield County Schools. Well child visits, inoculations, fitness exams for sports teams, and acting as a partner to the local school nurses. Many times children are in need of medications and the school nurse cannot prescribe them we can help with that for their parents or guardians. Bringing the services to the children is allowing the ROADS team to impact these children’s lives by making them healthier and able to see and talk to a medical provider.   Transportation is always an issue with rural children so the ROADS team helps them find a health care home if they are sick and need follow up care.

Charles and Dorothy Love – Mobile Dental Center

When it comes to what our communities lack the most of it has to be affordable comprehensive dental services for adults. While many of the children in our region can qualify for Medicaid there are only a few adults that can qualify. So this need is so great it can be overwhelming to any program. In one clinic 25 adults were seen and yet 50 extractions had to be made! This is crisis level need and you can help.

Adult dental care in all 5 counties!

What can you do to help?

While every clinic is different we are finding that an adult in crisis can be sponsored for only $150.00 per visit. The patients are paying a $50.00 minimum fee but many need multiple visits to correct all the dental decay from years of lack of access.

A Patients story: How we help….

If you have ever had a toothache you know how it throbs and hurts constantly. You just can’t get comfortable and no matter what you do or what medication you take…. the pressure of the infection keeps making your life miserable feeling like your jaw is about to burst. You are short tempered, exhausted and praying for relief. You cannot afford to go to a dentist so you just have to suffer.

Now imagine having 12 infected teeth and you have not been able to do anything to them for over 4 years, so they have decayed and now are broken off at the gum line, did I mention you are a diabetic too? Every time your infection flairs up it will spike your blood sugar causing even more medical issues that need treatment.

Where can you go for relief?

It all starts with our community donors like you, CareFIRST Carolina Foundation saw this need back in 2004 and as the 501(c)3 supporting foundation have partnered with local donors to help CareSouth Carolina Inc. and their medical teams make it possible to get help.

CareFIRST Foundation worked with CareSouth Carolina Inc. to be sure this patient filled out the needed application for assistance, a medical, financial, administrative and board review was done. We also made sure she had comprehensive medical care to control her diabetic condition and the CareSouth Carolina outreach team followed her progress, we at the Foundation partnered with an oral surgeon to get the needed procedure done and were able to raise funds locally to pay for the needed surgery. A set of dentures to allow this patient the ability to eat healthy foods that would not impact her blood sugars was also made possible.

It was a process that took almost 3 months to complete but in the end we got something that was priceless, a smile and a pledge to keep getting better.

Her children were happy to have mom back and her 4 year old did not recognize her with a big smile but was glad mom no longer was in pain.

Join us and become a member of the CareFIRST Carolina Foundation family of donors. Join us in making life a little better in our community -make a donation today!   Every dollar makes a difference.

“Together let’s help someone today” 

Request for 25.00 –a patient was in need of emergency medications. She had no means of support and was living with relatives. CareFIRST has set up a one time system for emergency medications that can be accessed by CareSouth Carolina providers when needed. The emergency request was filled and the needed paperwork for the pharmaceutical company assistance were filled out for month to month assistance from there. This system has worked well for critical situations.

Request for 250.00 –a patient was in need of an orthopedic consult for a broken arm. She had no means of support and was living at the battered women’s shelter with no way to access medical treatment for her injuries. CareFIRST contacted the local orthopedic practice and he agreed to see the patient. While 250.00 was approved for her use, the physician only requested compensation for $194.00. He also made additional care available to her. It is partnerships like this that make our funds go further and gives relief to patients in need. The patient was able to find a health care home and access services that would have been out of her reach otherwise.

REQUEST FOR $150.00 – A patient came to our site with a lump on her breast. Her CareSouth provider requested that the foundation assist with a mammogram and follow up to determine possible breast cancer. The patient was not BEST CHANCE eligible but the condition is accelerating. CareFIRST Foundation was able to negotiate with a local hospital for the mammogram and follow up. The request amount was increased to $450.00 to be sure adequate funds could be available in case of a positive determination of breast cancer. It would not be possible for her to afford this visit and follow up without the help of CareFIRST and the friends and neighbors funds. A biopsy and follow was covered by the foundation and the patient was found to need surgery and emergency State Medicaid was available for her thanks to the positive pathology acquired through CareFIRST Carolina funds.                                                                      


Who to Contact

Mark Sobiski
Foundation Director

PO Box 1090
300 West Home Avenue
Hartsville, SC 29551
843-857-0111 ext:1446


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Board of Directors

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  • Ethel Taylor, Secretary/Treasurer
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